Sounds Just Like Are all songs related?

I'ts one of those things that can really bug you. I've heard something like this before. Or did I? What is that other song called?

Sounds Just Like celebrates the moment when you figure it out.

The similarity can be startling or subtle. Motifs, melodies, rhythms and chord structures can, like smells, evoke something else.
Sometimes it's another song.

I listened to a lot of 60s music as a kid. The first soundalike I noticed was Smash Mouth: Then the Morning Comes vs: The Animals: It's My Life. I promptly noted the similarity in one of my notebooks. The notebooks were digitized during high school and the list of similar sounding songs grew. The first week of my first job my boss saw the list, asked what it was, and suggested I start blogging about it. And so, Sounds Just Like began.